With the introduction of the personal computer in 1983 new and exciting technology options began to develop and were made available to the American business landscape.  Over the last 25 years the Fortune 500 companies have learned how to integrate the technology into their operations dramatically improving the productivity of their workers, reducing and making more predictable their costs, and equipping them with a technology based enabler for their strategies.  The question is, have you?

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Our Services

IT Outsourcing - Used by many of the Fortune 500, Outsourcing provides a means to standardize your IT platforms and pay for its use based on your changing needs.  This service provides you with the greatest access to technology while, simultaneously, providing you with a predictable, scalable cost structure.  In effect, Global Endeavours becomes your IT department.

IT Managed Services - Provides your business with IT technical support and consulting services for a low, scalable, monthly rate.  With this service you retain your obligations for all the hardware and software required, but are provided with a predictable monthly rate for unlimited IT support.  In this case, Global Endeavours becomes your IT staff.

IT Professional Services - Sometimes you just need additional help or specific skills to deal with a particular opportunity or challenge.  Global Endeavours' Professional Services can deliver a broad range of skills and experiences for a nominal hourly rate.  Global Endeavours now becomes a quick and easy supplement to your IT staff.

Our Company

Global Endeavours looks to deliver world-class IT support services appropriately tailored and scaled to meet the specific needs of your business.  Our services extend from full IT Outsourcing through IT Managed Services to the basic IT Professional Services.   With over 30 years of global IT experience, Global Endeavours has the knowledge and skills to help you apply these services to your business and assist you in achieving your business goals.  Shouldn’t you, at least, explore your options?

Our Clients

Few, if any, small and medium sized business have sufficient time to properly operate and support their IT environment, much less evaluate the evolving technologies.  Identifying ways to link that technology with their business needs to result in reduced cost, increased revenues or broader market access continues to be a need, but one that is difficult to fulfill given the limited IT resources and the "one size fits all" approach most IT service firms use for businesses in this market segment.  It is a gap that may not simply limit your ability to grow your revenue and profits to one that threatens your viability of a business.  It was for this need in this market Global Endeavours was founded.

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